Carve 4 Cancer Gives $10,000 to St. Luke's Cancer Center

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Last year Carve for Cancer Inc. announced it’s formation of the Live Like Brent Foundation which seeks to provide financial assistance to individuals in their fight against blood cancers. What started off as a humble goal to seek out and help a few individual, has exploded into an amazing partnership with some of the best hospitals in the country. St. Luke’s Cancer Center is one of those hospitals.

Earlier this year Carve for Cancer officially launched the Live Like Brent Foundation at St. Luke’s Cancer Center with a $10,000 endowment to the renowned hospital. Now patients battling cancer at St. Luke’s will have access to funds that can be used to cover a variety of costs. The foundations funds will be disbursed by qualified social workers and support staff at the hospital.

“When we started this foundation all we knew was that we wanted to have a major impact and ensure our donors dollars would be put to the absolute best use possible.” Said Josh Frank of Carve for Cancer. “Originally we planned on selecting patients ourselves, but quickly learned the great need so many hospitals had in finding funds to ease the financial bourdon put on their patients. We couldn’t be happier to have partners like St. Luke’s Cancer Center to help see that our funds go to great use!”

The foundations name honors the late founder of Carve for Cancer, Brent P. Evans.

Aisling Carroll, who was responsible for the formation of the Live Like Brent Foundation noted. “Our founder, Brent, who unfortunately passed away from complications with lymphoma, knew all too well of the struggles associated with fighting cancer…. twice!” She stated. “He was the type of guy that when he beat cancer the first time, he immediately started focusing his energy on helping others with their fight. I know he would be proud of what this foundation is achieving.”

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