Carve 4 Cancer Athlete Ambassador Shreds in New Video

Yassine Boundouq drops jaws in his new video: Passion Never Dies

For those that follow Carve 4 Cancer closely, you know that Yassine Boudouq was one of our first athlete ambassadors ever and our very first from the long-board skate scene. Yassine has a style all his own and his new video, Passion Never Dies, is prime Yassine. Smooth style, crisp transitions, and exceptional cinema-quality video usually reserved for independent film festivals. Besides putting out insane videos like this, Yassine has been in Morocco on his longboard spreading the word about shredding blood cancer with Carve 4 Cancer.

"He is the pinnacle of how Carve for Cancer wants its brand represented and we're proud to call him a team member." Said Earl Stout of Carve 4 Cancer. "Yassine brings class, style, and passion and that's what we're all about."