About Carve for Cancer Inc.

Carve for Cancer Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to the mission of shredding blood cancers through extreme sports
events and fundraising. Carve was founded by east coast shredder and blood cancer warrior, Brent P. Evans. In 2010, Brent was diagnosed with stage IV non-hodgkins lymphoma when he envisioned an epic snowboarding event to raise funds to shred cancer while being treated at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. By 2012, the first grass roots fundraiser was underway in the Pocono Mountains. Fast forward to 2016, Carve for Cancer Inc. is now a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit and the organizations main event has become the Pocono’s premier free-ride snowboard/ski festival. Each year the event brings thousands to the mountain to enjoy a live music, art demos, intense competition, and a whole lot more. C4C is raising tens of thousands of dollars while spreading awareness and funding life-saving research!

Unfortunately in 2016, Brent’s cancer came back, and he ultimately passed away due to complications with the disease. This is a brutal reminder about how important Carve for Cancer’s mission really is! Today Brent's spirit lives on and our team is hard at work raising more money than ever. 

Where Our Money Goes

For years Carve for Cancer partnered directly with the Leukema and Lymphoma Society (LLS) and all funds raised went directly to their organization. In 2016 we became a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit and took a more focused approach to ensure our funds raised had the maximum impact. Today our funds are focused on 3 primary initiatives; research, patient care and the local community where our events take place.  

First, we decided to focus our reserach efforts by partnering with Dr. Andrei Shustov and University of Washington, Medicine Advancement, where our donations have earned us membership in their Turner Society. Dr. Shustov is Associate Professor, Division of Hematology at UW Medicine, and Associate Member of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. He is doing groundbreaking work in the field of Hepatosplenic T-Cell Lymphoma. T-cell lymphomas are rare and therefore hard to study. They are, except for rare instances, very aggressive diseases and are very hard to cure. Over the past decade, Dr. Shustov has been involved in research dedicated to better understanding these tumors and discover new drugs to improve outcomes and ultimately, bring a cure to T-cell lymphoma patients.

As a result of the research and clinical trials, Dr. Shustov and his colleagues around the USA and globe, patients with T-cell lymphomas now have 4 new drugs that were approved by the US Food and Drug administration. However, the only way to continue this life-saving research is with adequate funding… and that’s where Carve for Cancer comes in! 

In order to conquer our second initiative, helping patients, in January of 2018, Carve for Cancer Inc. announced the Live Like Brent Foundation (LLBF). Named after Carve for Cancer founder, Brent P. Evans, the LLBF seeks to alleviate some of the financial bourdon cancer treatment imposes on it's patients. Although Brent is no longer with us, he taught all of us so much about living life, loving those around him, and keeping a positive attitude even at his lowest points. By removing some of the financial strain on those undergoing cancer treatment, the LLBF hopes more patients can Live Like Brent did and continue to live life to the fullest. Below is a video from our partner hospital, Fox Chase Cancer Center, presented at our annual Live Like Brent Gala.

Finally, we wanted to keep a portion of our funds strictly in the community that hosts our main event. As such, we have partnered with St. Luke's Cancer Center in Bethlehem, PA to support their patients. St Luke's is an amazing organization and one we plan on growing our partnership with for many years to come. As the Carve 4 Cancer Winter Sports and Music Festival expands to new mountain and new cities, we will continue to seek local partners to ensure we make an impact on the local community. 

Our Commitment

Carve for Cancer Inc. is a team is comprised volunteers brought together by a common passion to help end the suffering associated with blood cancers. As such, you can always guarantee we are committed to making the money you entrust to us to go as far as possible. Of course, like any organization we have limited overhead for things like producing events and spreading awareness, but you can be sure the vast majority of our funds raised will always directly impact cancer research and/or those suffering. When our founder, Brent Evans, started this organization he one goal: to Shred Blood Cancer. This is, and always will be, what this organization seeks to accomplish.