"KICK" for Cancer 2016 is Coming!

The third annual “Kick for Cancer” longboarding race event is being held on Sunday, September 11th on a closed section of Martin Luther King Drive in Philadelphia

The race is being produced by the non-profit organization Carve for Cancer Inc.. In 2012, Carve for Cancer Inc. was founded by Philadelphia native Brent P. Evans of East Falls. While being treated for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma at Jefferson university, Brent met fellow outdoor sports enthusiast, Earl Stout, also a blood cancer survivor. Earl and Brent went on to found Carve for Cancer Inc. with the mission of “Shredding blood cancer through extreme sports events and fundraising.”   

“We are really stoked to get Philadelphia longboarders together again for a great cause.” Says Earl. “Kick 4 Cancer is my way of giving back and saying thank you for the support I had during my battle against cancer.”

Earl stressed the importance of this year’s event in particular. “This year’s event is even more important as our founder Brent Evans is currently battling his second round of cancer. It’s just another reminder how important the work is that we are doing.”