C4C Writes Huge Check to University of Washington!

Carve for Cancer Inc. is a Philadelphia based charity founded by East Falls native Brent P. Evans. Recently, Carve for Cancer wrote a check for $10,000 to University of Washington Medical Advancement. The money will benefit research being conducted by Dr. Andrei Shustov to combat Non-Hogkins Lymphoma.

Evans journey with Carve for Cancer Inc. began while being treated at Jefferson Hospital for Stage-4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. It was there Brent met fellow Philadelphian and blood cancer survivor, Earl Stoudt. Brent told Earl about his plans of beating cancer and starting a snowboarding event to raise money for blood cancer research.

In 2012, Brents had won his battle against cancer and his vision became a reality at Montage Mountain, in Scranton Pennsylvania. By 2016 Carve for Cancer incorporated as a 501.c.3 (tax exempt) non-profit and found its home at Jack Frost / Big Boulder. Unfortunately, earlier this year, Brent’s cancer came back and he is currently undergoing treatment in NYC. While Brent fights on, so does Carve for Cancer. Today it is one of the premier ski and snowboard festivals in the Poconos with their 5th annual event scheduled for February 4th 2017.

“It’s honestly astounding to see this dream come true” says Brent. “We started as a small grass roots snowboarding fundraiser, and now we have grown into a legit non-profit, with multiple events, raising thousands of dollars for crucial research.”

Carve for Cancer “Shredding blood cancer through extreme sports events and fundraising.”