Help us shred blood cancers. Your dollars will be leveraged through our events to raise more money for cancer research. We are currently funding doctors doing groundbreaking studies around the world.


If you prefer to mail a check or contribution please send it to the address below.  Thank you for your support.  

Carve for Cancer Inc.
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Where do your donations go?

Carve 4 Cancer is run by a group of unpaid volunteers dedicated to the cause of raising funds and awareness to help those affected by the blood cancer. We are committed to keeping our operating costs as low as possible in order to maximize our donations and overall impact.

Carve for Cancer Inc. seeks out the best and most promising doctors and researchers to make the greatest impact with our funds. In 2016, we began a partnership with Dr. Andrei Shustov and University of Washington, Medicine Advancement, where our donations have earned us membership in their Turner Society.

Dr. Shustov is Associate Professor, Division of Hematology at UW Medicine, and Associate Member of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. He is doing groundbreaking work in the field of Hepatosplenic T-Cell Lymphoma. T-cell lymphomas are rare and therefore hard to study. They are, except for rare instances, very aggressive diseases and are very hard to cure. Over the past decade, Dr. Shustov has been involved in research dedicated to better understanding these tumors and discover new drugs to improve outcomes and ultimately, bring a cure to T-cell lymphoma patients.

As a result of his research and clinical trials, Dr. Shustov and his colleagues around the USA and globe, patients with T-cell lymphomas now have 4 new drugs that were approved by the US Food and Drug administration. However, the only way to continue this life-saving research is with adequate funding… and that’s where Carve for Cancer comes in! 

In addition to our partnership with medical research institutions like Dr. Shustov’s, our organization has also created the Live Like Brent Foundation to directly support blood cancer patients. This foundation makes funds available at hospital like St. Luke's Cancer Center and Fox Chase Cancer Center to cover the variety of costs that cancer patients need to deal with.